3 Tips to Make a DIY Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a well-liked component in skin-care products, owed to its capability to motivate collagen manufacture and shield the skin from free radicals. On the other hand, most skin products containing an elevated strength of vitamin C (about 5 to 20 percent) are costly, and oxidize very rapidly. As soon as vitamin C corrodes, it is already inefficient. You can create a more inexpensive, more efficient variety of vitamin C serum with only three basic components.DIY Vitamin C Serum

Tips on How to make your own Vitamin C Serum

Tip #1: Prepare the Ingredients

Even though commercial products might posses component lists full of unpronounceable words, you only necessitate three basic components to create your own vitamin C serum. The things you need include: ¼ teaspoon powdered vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid that you can discover in most drug or health stores), 1 teaspoon unadulterated vegetable glycerin (obtainable at health stores) and 1 teaspoon distilled water.

You can experiment with this recipe. If you skin is especially vulnerable, lessen the quantity of vitamin C to 1/8 teaspoon. For drier skin, intensify the glycerin. For a calming, scented serum, replace rose water for the distilled water.

Tip #2: Instructions

Melt the vitamin C in the water. You might necessitate utilizing a whisk or a blender if the powder rejects melting. Mix in the glycerin.

Dispense the blend into a miniature bowl, colored glass bottle (blue or amber glass works magnificently). Dark glass stops the vitamin C from corroding. If the powder has not fairly melted, merely shake the bottle energetically until it does.

Tip #3: Treatment and Storage

Utilize a cotton ball or your fingers to even out the serum all over your face. A minor stinging feeling is fine, but excessive stinging indicates your skin necessitate less vitamin C. It is extremely significant to follow this with a treatment of sunscreen, because vitamin C leaves your skin vulnerable to light.

Luckily, once you create your own vitamin C serum, you have total control over the serum’s shelf life. In place of whipping up a month’s supply of serum and having to dispose it out once it starts to corrode, you can create a few days worth at a time. Make an effort to create a new batch every five days to assure that your skin is obtaining the freshest, most powerful medication. Keep your serum in the refrigerator for additional security against corrosion.

Preventive Measures

  • Utilizing a non-clear container keeps the light from arriving at the serum. If the light arrives at the serum, it will corrode and turn out inefficient.
  • If the strength amount of the serum troubles your skin, make one that has less ascorbic acid. As soon as your skin turns out familiar to it, you can intensify the strength level gradually.
  • If your skin starts stinging following treatment of the serum, rinse it off right away.


Treating your under-eye skin troubles does not need costly skin care product. You only have to become innovative and resourceful to make your own eye serum. There are plenty of DIY eye serums that you can found in the internet.

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